NaBloPoMo – October 2007

My First Blog Post

May 2007. That was my last blog post at regular blog. I know many of the reasons why I hadn’t posted anything-work and other responsibilities have reared their UGLY HEADS. I could use the same excuses for why I have not done any serious writing that was not business communications.
I am hoping that this will change in the coming month.

November is both National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) ( and National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) (

I’ve participated in the novel writing-this will be my first year blog posting every day. I plan to document my progress on both fronts in this blog and my blog over at my regular blog. I almost can’t wait to see what I will come up with at the end of a month.


It is almost time to engage in a month of daily blogging. I think I wonder about what I would talk about if I run out of things to talk about. I suppose there is always McDonalds…

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Oh Robin…

Well, I’ve been at Robin’s Blog again and it looks like she wants to have a baby and more importantly she broke up with Dr. Patrick. However GH is still insisting on not putting her and Jason back together again. Then again, these were the people who treated Laura Spencer’s character so badly.

Dear Robin is making a list and checking it twice-she wants to find out which guy will put his life force on ice for her. She came up with Spinelli, which is good but a little insane as she is old enough to be his teenage or 20 year old mother.

I normally don’t think much of the people who leave comments on her blog since many of them set womanhood back really far. However, I do agree with the ones who are scratching their heads over why the character is not going to a sperm bank if she is wants to have a father who is not involved.