Happy Birthday Rose/MITX

<br /><br />         I am thinking about Rose Wilder Lane</p><br /> <p>            “My Prairie Libertarian later in life Rose…”</p><br /> <p>            Check-in to</p><br /> <p>     Rose Wilder Lane on GetGlue.com<br /><br />

I am thinking about Rose Wilder Lane

“My Prairie Libertarian later in life Rose…”

Well this photo is actually of a pre-Libertarian Rose. It looks like Reporter Rose.

Rose Wilder Lane (1886-1968) was the only daughter of author Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957), who wrote the “Little House” books and other articles and Almanzo Wilder, who was a farmer.

The “Little House” books inspired the Michael Landon-really-wished-this-beloved-book-series-was-written-by-Laurence Ingalls Wilder tv series “Little House On The Prairie.” Daughter Rose figures very little in the tv series.  At the end of the tv series (including the tv movies), Rose is still a toddler at a time when she would’ve been a little bit older.

The Wilders moved a few times, including a trip to Minnesota, where Laura used to live and still had some family and where Almanzo’s family moved to from Malone, New York.  They also lived in Florida for a bit before moving back to South Dakota (Laura did not spend her teen years in Walnut Grove as the tv series would have you believe. They were mostly spent in DeSmet, South Dakota.) Laura met Almanzo there too and married him.  Laura’s parents lived out their lives in DeSmet. Rose’s first years were spent there.

Then they moved to Mansfield, Missouri, where their house still stands.

Rose didn’t get to go to college for all that she was bright and did well enough in school. She did however get to live as a single girl-a bachelor girl. She got to travel far and wide when her writing took off. She spent lots of time in Albania and was a Red Cross member in World War I.

She helped her mother with the “Little House” series. She was the executor of her estate.

She became a Libertarian and wrote many tracts that because the foundation of many current Libertarian thought.

She reported on the Vietnam War and died of natural causes while preparing to travel again.

Quite the loaded life.


Off Topic:

I attended the MITX in Boston, which has to do with digital marketing. I enjoyed it well enough.  As my focus is more non-profit, I was a little less than engaged.






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