I am watching Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

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    I enjoyed livetweeting this version.  I really can’t get into the live action version that starred Jim Carrey. My main bone of contention with it is that I really don’t need a psychoanalytical backstory that essentially tells us that the reason why the Grinch is the Grinch is because he wasn’t loved enough as a little Grinch, coupled with some pablum about valuing diversity. 

    The animated version keeps it simple. He’s the mean guy who lives on the hill.  He is miserable and wants the Whos in Whoville to be miserable because they are happy and he is not.  Simple. Basic.  No backstory that screams “therapy intervention” and holds up the story.

    One could argue that the songs make this story a little too long in the animated version, but they add to the flavour of the piece.

    The animation still holds up in this age of CGI and 3D everything.  Chuck Jones and his team were definitely the old masters.  Each frame brought Dr. Seuss’ strange and wonderful world to life and captured Seuss’ and Chuck Jones’ wicked sense of humour.

    This version was broadcast first on tv in 1967.  Boris Karloff (Monster, Horror and Thriller royalty), narrated, but he did not sing the three “Grinch” songs.  That honor went to voice actor and singer Thurl Ravenscroft, who achieved additional mortality as the definitive voice for Kellogg’s Tony The Tiger for Frosted Flakes.