Dispatches from NaNoBoston12 – The Boston Region of NaNoWriMo

Excerpt from the email message from Alicia, a member of the NaNoBoston Executive Committee and social media maven:

““Hooray! We’ve made it over the week two hump!” and give high fives all the way around. If you participated in the 24 Hour Write In, chances are you’re still trying to catch up on sleep. The good news is this: It’s Thanksgiving week. That means you can sleep in.

But for some, Thanksgiving week means ZERO rest. ZERO word count. Don’t worry — we’ve all been there. Sometimes a couple of days away from our beloved manuscripts is what we need to realize a new shiny ending, or that a disco dancing clown is definitely needed.

If you do have to take a few days away from your manuscript, a perfect way to catch up on your word count is to come to our penultimate Regional Write In on Sunday, November 25th at the Watertown Free Public Library at 2 PM. The write in will take place in the Watertown Savings Bank Meeting Room.

For everyone who has donated and bought merchandise, thank you! As of right now, we have $629.35 to donate to National Novel Writing Month on behalf of the Boston region.”

Please visit NaNoBoston.org for more details about write-ins and purchasing NaNoWriMo merchandise.

As of today (November 24th), The Boston Region’s total word count is 27, 328, 046.


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