You Have The Right To Manage Your Own Online Persona


Kids today have pretty much had their entire lives on public display from the time their mother posted their first embryo shot on Facebook.

And currently there’s no way in the US to erase yourself, embarrassments and all, online. But with the rise of anonymous apps, there is a way to separate who you want to be publicly from who you are and what you think about privately.

This concept has at least reached the ears of European legislators.

You see, what began with a Dublin cab driver posting a YouTube video of someone ditching on paying his cab fare became a landmark ruling in Europe earlier this May that gives individuals the right to erase what they don’t like displayed about themselves publicly online. The ruling requires Google to comply with individuals’ requests to erase links that they say violate their privacy. And it’s already recieved 12k requests on just day one. In the first…

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