We Don’t Need Westeros

Troy L. Wiggins

SoSTwo or three days ago, the forward-thinking geeks of twitter were set all abuzz by this article, wherein readers are treated to George R.R. Martin’s giving of answers directly from the handbook of oblivious white man talking points when he was confronted by fans about the lack of diversity in the hit show Game of Thrones:

Westeros around 300 AC is nowhere near as diverse as 21st century America,” he said. This is also known as the, “There’s room in my fantasy world for dragons and zombies and dread priestesses but not meaningful nonwhite characters” excuse.

Another of his answers was: “Well, Westeros is the fantasy analogue of the British Isles…” or, for you laypeople, “I just modeled my world on ancient Europe, which was totally full of white people.”

Except it wasn’t.

Now, to be fair to GRRM, there are a lot of different places…

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