Confessions – Gilmore Girls

So something that I do from time to time is tweet “confessions,” which are basically tweets about something-a book, tv show, movies, whatever-where I express my opinion.  Sometimes they are unpopular and that’s okay.

So I will start off with Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls was a tv series that ran from 2000-2007 on the WB and then the CW. It’s characterized by its rapid dialogue, its pop culture a second reference, being unapologetically filled with estrogen and for having former members of its cast show up in Shondaland series-especially Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.

A continuation one-shot is coming out on Netflix soon. The one thing definitely known about it is the one thing that doesn’t fall under “spoiler” (as it would be quite ridiculous) is that Richard Gilmore is dead. It’s a case of And The Character Died With Him, since the actor that portrayed him, Richard Herrmann died (a fact verified by his inclusion in the TCM Remembers annual tribute).

I watched some of Gilmore Girls during its original run. I came in about Season 3-4, and jumped ship midway through Season 5.  I heard about the regime change on NPR for Seasons 6-7 and came back a bit, but didn’t stay. I came back for the finale, which was memorable because I fell asleep at the halfway mark and woke up to Luke and Lorelai kissing and then fell back asleep.

Since then I’ve seen the whole of the series-event the controversial Seasons 6-7. Thus my observations are fully informed.

Here we go:


A) Never liked Logan. NEVER liked Logan. The writers seemed to bend over backwards to get us to see Logan as this lovable rogue and I wasn’t buying it.

B) As much as sometimes I wanted to root for Lorelai, there were times where I sided with her mother.  Lorelai could be her own worst enemy.

C) Rory and her cheatin’ heart. I never realized how much Rory is actually at fault when it comes to some of the relationship messes.

D) The quirky small town thing was way over done at times and actually got annoying after a time.

E) And can we talk about Taylor Doose? Sadly I know too many of them in real life to laugh off the fictional one. However, I know that in certain other real life locations, Doose’s applecart dictatorship would’ve either been overthrown or ignored altogether.

F) Yeah, Rory was spoiled. Dean, with the exception of that temper and a certain level of immaturity, was a really great first boyfriend.

G) So I was not really a fan of the Rory stealing a boat storyline. It all made no sense.  From Rory’s implosion at Mitch Huntzberger’s critique to her stealing a boat.  It seemed to me that if the end game was to have Rory “try on” the kind of life that produced Emily Gilmore, it seemed like there was a more plausible way to get there.

H) I admit that I liked the fact that Rory ended up friending several of the DARs that Emily never thought that she’d friend.

I) Never got the whole “bad boy” Jess thing. I honestly think that the friendship that he and Rory eventually had could have happened without the whole hating on Dean and the rest of the town thing.



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