NaNoWriMo Stats – Day Four

So yeah a lot of writing today.  Admittedly it’s partly to make up for the inevitable dip that will happen over the weekend.  This is not really due to the election but more due to taking part in disaster preparedness stuff with the Red Cross.  Saturday will be mostly gone and so Sunday will be a make up day of extreme proportions.

One might wonder when I find time to write?

The answer to that is simple-whenever I can but generally in the wee small hours. I get up at about 5 am and I write. It’s something I did when I helped during the Katrina Recovery in New Orleans.  As you recall, it was a time before tablets and affordably priced smartphones. So we accessed the internet through desktops and laptops and the location where we were staying had some really old desktops.  The only time they were available were at 5 am. The volunteers got up to shower and start breakfast at 7 am.  So I had about an hour and a half of quiet to blog my experiences. I did this using the blog function on MySpace (yeah, MySpace).  Got a lot of views.

Any any rate, during NaNoWriMo, I who never could be characterized as a morning person gets up to write at that hour.

Day 4

Your Average Per Day


Words Written Today


Target Word Count


Target Average Words Per Day


Total Words Written


Words Remaining


Current Day


Days Remaining


At This Rate You Will Finish On

November 27, 2016

Words Per Day To Finish On Time


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