This and That

So today was about as mundane as it gets.

A) I woke up to the Wiseguy marathon that’s on Decades tv. Wiseguy was a tv cop show from the 80s that featured a guy named Vinnie Terranova who went undercover for the OCB (Organized Crime Bureau?) that took down members of Organized Crime.  When I saw this show first, I was little and my mother seemed to like it. Granted the violence in this is really is so completely tame by today’s standards but it made an impression. Unlike many of the women at the time, my mother did not watch this show because she was in love with Ken Wahl, who was admittedly handsome. She actually liked the character of Frank McPike, Terranova’s boss and handler. Sadly I actually now understand what happened to one of the female agents in the early “Sonny Steelgrave Mafia” episodes. As a kid, I understood, “she never made it to the airport” or wherever she was going to meet them as she changed her mind and decided to stay in a life of crime albeit undercover.  What I now understand is that she was made and likely swims with the fishes.

B) I attended a disaster team meeting and we discussed training and the area that we are responsible for covering. I am contemplating being a digital volunteer for the organization. It seems like it’s all based around Facebook and well, I guess it’s something this Twitter and every other social media platform gal will have to get used to.

C) Pre-shopping for Thanksgiving dinner started. Yes, I can cook a Thanksgiving meal. While I did not find the turkey broth at the store I ended up going to, I did find affordably priced cod for fish chowder. Again, I’ve made this before though not a lot. Cod does wotk best. Lest you all think that I’m a foodie or a cookie, I am not.  It’s pretty simple. I was the girl child in the family and as such was taught/press-ganged into cooking. I helped making holiday meals and was expected to do so. I also was responsible for making dinner and maybe breakfast on occasion.  I can make basic staple stuff. Speaking of which, if I’m not too depressed over the last night where life is somewhat normal, I will make an apple cobbler.

D) Writing was accomplished. Poor Bird. She’s harassed by the brother of a man who loves her.   Current NaNoWriMo stat for Day 6 is 9920 words today.

E) What the Monster theme on WordPress past Halloween? I’ve actually had it for a few years now. I originally adopted it for Halloween but kept it as it suited my mood. It recently occurred to me that I can customize the colors.  I changed some of the colors already.

I got my start by giving myself a start. – Madame C.J. Walker



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