Voting in Election 2016

Polls have closed in some states-still open in many states.

Remembers the following:

You don’t have to vote but you should vote. Many people literally died for the right to vote and some like Susan B. Anthony died before she could legally vote. Many people left their “I Voted” stickers at her graveside. Others have shown their love for others who fought for voting rights such as Ida B. Wells, the ancestor of “Black Lives Matter,” with her documentation of lynching in The Red Record.People are leaving tributes to her at her physical grave at Oak Woods Cemetery, 1035 East 67th Street, Chicago and her virtual grave at Find A Grave.

Susan B. Anthony also has a virtual grave at Find A Grave. So do many of the people that that fought and died for voting rights. So, after you vote, you can leave some virtual flowers etc and let them know you appreciated this gift.

Those who are still voting or about to should remember the following:

To Report Voting Rights Violations: Alert election officials at polls.
Contact @CivilRights Division 800-253-3931

The NAACP wants everyone to know that if someone tries to stop you from voting, take their picture and call 1-866-OUR-VOTE. Lawyers will be ready.

Hispanic and Latino voters can get information from the US Government website:


If you’re in line when your poll closes, STAY IN LINE. You can still vote. The polling station is legally obligated to allow you to vote as long as you are in line when the polls close. No one can make you leave.

If they try to, please refer to the reporting options above.

I did vote.  I voted one week ago as a part of my state’s 1st ever early voting option. I actually forgot to take my sticker off and have worn it on my fleece vest for the week. Early voting was something Massachusetts should have done a long time ago. I am please that more than 1 million people took advantage of it.

No matter what happens, be glad that you can exercise your right to vote.


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