Call To Action: Call Your Reps (actually How To Do This)

While going through tweets I found a link to a post on tumblr about contacting your elected representatives about the issues that matter to you. A post that I will share the link to in this post.

To say that this is AMAZING is an understatement. I’m completely a pseudo-extrovert. When I need to I will speak out in person but I prefer to do it in writing. On paper and online – I’m fearless and witty and I get my point across. In person I fell less so and worry that I get swept away with the emotions when I do push (I was told that I am an ‘arguer’ ) or that people misinterpret my silence (usually they don’t, but nothing unnerves people more than silence).

Read up, use this a lot (don’t forget your representatives at the local level-the city/ward councilors, school board members, etc) and pass it on.

Excerpt from post on echothroughthefog:

How to call your reps when you have social anxiety
When you struggle with your mental health on a daily basis, it can be hard to take action on the things that matter most to you. The mental barriers anxiety creates often appear insurmountable. But sometimes, when you really need to, you can break those barriers down. This week, with encouragement from some great people on the internet, I pushed against my anxiety and made some calls to members of our government. Here’s a comic about how you can do that, too. (Continue here for resources and transcript.)



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